Food menu

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Four cheese cream soup, with croutons

We make cream soup from different types of cheese and we serve it hot in a cup with croutons.

820 HUF

Cold fruit cream soup made of fresh raspberry, with ice cream

We make cold soup from sweet raspberry, we serve it with cold vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.

880 HUF

Home made hen soup

We made hen soup from lots of vegetables and villager hen. We serve it fussili.

790 HUF

Sour creamy bean soup with smoked, boiled pork chuck

Sour creamy bean soup stew in pork chuck’s own juice. We serve it with smoked, boiled pork chuck and vegetables.

820 HUF

Turkey ragout soup with tarragon

We make turkey ragout soup with tarragon and vegetables, and we make it special with a little bit of tarragon. We fine it with cream.

820 HUF

Gulliver ragout soup with potato ball

We make ragout soup made of turkey drumstick and vegetables. We boil potato ball, and we serve it with cream.

820 HUF

Broth with vermicelli

We make the soup from chicken meat and fresh garden vegetables. We serve it with delicious vermicelli.

580 HUF

Grilled and smoked camembert, with extra salad and apple chutney

We make fresh extra salad from tomato, and we serve it on plate. We bake the smoked mozzarella and we serve it on the top of the salad.

1880 HUF

Breaded cheese with rice and tartar sauce

We bake three slices of breaded trappist cheese. We serve it with aromatic jasmin rice and tartar sauce.

1850 HUF

Breaded camambert, with blueberry and rice

We bake two slices of breaded camembert crunchy. We serve it with blueberry jam and aromatic jasmin rice.

1950 HUF

Fresh salad with fried chicken breast and roquefort sauce

We put the summer vegetables in the center of the plate and we serve it with light seasoned roasted chicken breast and cold roquefort sauce.

1480 HUF

Caesar salad

We make it based on the original receipt with iceberg lettuce, seeded mustard dijon and anchovy paste. We serve it with italian parmesan cheese.

1480 HUF

Caesar salad with tuna

We make it based on the original receipt with iceberg lettuce and seeded mustard dijon. We serve it on the top of the salad with tuna bits and fine with italian parmesan.

1540 HUF

Steak tartare (12 dkg)

We chop marinated loin to pieces and we mix it with onion and spices. We serve butter, fresh vegetables and hot toast next to it.

2650 HUF

Strapacky with bacon sprinkles and sour cream

We make home made egg noodles with potato, and serve it with bacon dripping, sheep cheese and sour cream. We decorate it with bacon sprinkles.

1280 HUF

Cheesy bits with pizza or chili sauce

We make pizza pastry for the original italian receipt. We roast mozzarella and cut thin strips, and until the main course will be ready we offer home made tomato or chili sauce.

550 HUF

Breaded catfish, potato with parsley, tartar sauce

African catfish slice in Viennese fritters, and we bake it auburn, serve it with potato with parsley and home made tartar sauce.

2680 HUF

Baked zander with tomato and mayonnaise penne salad

We bake crunchy zander fillet , and we serve it with cold mayonnaise penne salad with lime and fresh tomato

3050 HUF

Broiled catfish filet with roquefort grilled cheese, mixed fresh extra salad

We bake both sides of the catfish crunchy. On the top of that we put roquefort cheese and bake together. We serve it with fresh extra salad.

3120 HUF

Norwegian salmon fillet baked on tufa, with sour creamy lime sauce, served it with lemon grass hot apple and toasted new potato

We salt the marinated salmon fillet and bake on a little bit of olive oil. We make creamy sauce from citrus, and serve it with caramelized apple and toasted new potato.

3160 HUF

Breaded chicken breast with french fries and rice

We bake the breaded chicken breast crunchy in hot oil and serve it with french fries and rice.

2380 HUF

Chicken breast skewers with bacon, grilled vegetables and thousand islands dressing

Chicken bits flavoured with grill spices, bacon, paprika, red onion and then we broil them all. We serve it with grilled vegetables and thousand islands dressing seperately.

2780 HUF

Breaded chicken breast baked with creamy mushroom and cheese, served with risi e bisi

Traditional breaded chicken breast with hot oven baked creamy mushroom ragout and grated cheese. Served it hot with jasmin rice and green peas.

2590 HUF

Roasted chicken breast filled with pistachio cheese cream, served with summer vegetables and potato

We fill the chicken breast with pistachio cheese cream, basil and grated lemon peel, then roast it and add summer vegetables and potato as garnish.

2680 HUF

Marengo-style chicken breast with jasmine rice

Chopped chicken breast roasted in a hot pan, then add purple onion, mushroom, tomato and red wine to it. After stew it, we serve with jasmine rice.

2460 HUF

Chicken breast steak with fried bacon and apricot jam, french fries, mixed salad

We wrap chicken breast in bacon, spread it with apricot jam, then roast it slowly. Serve it with french fries and mixed salad.

2620 HUF

Chicken breast with home made ham, smoked cheese, baked with basil and tomato, potato purée

Spiced chicken breast broiled with home made ham, then grilled with fresh basil and tomato. Served with potato purée.

2620 HUF

Oven baked cheesy and creamy chicken breast fillet, with potato doughnut and tzatziki salad

Chicken breast with cheese and cream, after oven baked and served with potato doughnut and tztatziki salad.

2680 HUF

Baked chicken breast with chives sour cream, baked potato with mixed salad

Chicken breast coated with sour cream and finely chopped chives. Fried with spices, served with baked potatoes and mixed salad.

2690 HUF

Breaded chicken breast stripes rotated into chili sauce and honey, served with jasmine rice and pineapple pieces

Chicken beast strips breaded with sesame seeds, baked freshly in hot oil, rotated into chili sauce with honey afterwards, then piled up onto the plate. Served with jasmine rice and pineapple pieces.

2720 HUF

Chicken breast coated with chives and sheep cheese, served with grilled vegetables and smoked cheese sauce

Ginger marinated chicken breast baked in sesame seeds, served with jasmine rice and orange ragout

2760 HUF

Ginger marinated chicken breast baked in sesame seeds, served with jasmine rice and orange ragout

Chicken slice marinated in ginger and fresh orang juice, then baked in sesame seeds. Served with jasmine rice and fresh orange juice ragout.

2670 HUF

Breaded pork ribs with rice and french fries

Breaded pork ribs served with french fries and steamed rice.

2420 HUF

Gipsy roast with french fries

Pork chop slices fried with fresh garlic. Served with french fries and bacon.

2520 HUF

Vasi roast with french fries and Lyon style onions

Pork chop soaked in milk with garlic. Rotated in flour and red pepper, then fried suddenly. Served with french fries and a pile of hot and crunchy onions.

2770 HUF

Wiener Schnitzel with rice and french fries

Friable breaded pork chops. Served with jasmine rice and french fries.

2550 HUF

Potato coated pork chop with “Borzaska” sour cream, cheese and steak potatoes

Pork chop rotated to potato coat then fried in hot oil until it turns gold. Served with special sour cream, cheese and steak potatoes.

2670 HUF

Cordon bleu with rice and french fries

Breaded pork meat filled with ham and cheese. Fried in hot oil, served with jasmine rice and french fries.

2720 HUF

Giant mustard pork served with roasted potatoes, tomato, cucumber and mixed salad

Mustard marinated giant sparerib with garlic oil. Fried to red on ember. Served with roasted potatoes and colorful mixed salad.

2730 HUF

Smoked pork trotter with Strapacky

Smoked pork trotter with vegetables, steamed in oven. We make home made egg noodles with potato, sheep cheese and sour cream. Then fry both with smoked cheese.

2560 HUF

Barbecue side meat with “Pékné-style” potato

We fry Spicy pork side meat in a furnace to be soft. After slicing, add barbecue sauce and roast it well. We serve it with potatoes fried on onion.

2580 HUF

Grilled pork in thyme-honey sauce, roasted onion and potato

We put pork in honey, soy sauce, tomato, thyme pickle, then grill it extensively. Serve it with grilled onion and potato.

2660 HUF

"Gulliver-style" pork chop, mixed salad, grilled potatoes

Fried pork chop filled with spicy bacon, mustard, diced tomatoes, fresh cilantro and cheese. Fry both sides to red. Served with mixed salad and grilled potatoes.

2920 HUF

Óvári pork chop, mixed garnish

Roasted pork chop covered with spicy mushroom, ham and cheese. Served with steamed rice and french fries.

2880 HUF

Brasov roast

Homemade smoked bacon roasted on its fat. We put pork medallion strips on it with fresh garlic and onion, then mix it well. We add peppered potato, then serve it hot.

2890 HUF

Bacon wrapped pork medallions, grilled potatoes, salad

Spicy pork medallion cut to slices then wrap it to bacon. Fried with a spit. Served with grilled potatoes and mixed salad.

2920 HUF

Beef stew with red wine

Gravy stew made of beef thigh, onion, hungarian paprika, green pepper, tomato and a little red wine.

with Parsley potatoes - 2390 HUF

with Strapacky - 2490 HUF

Beef steak with Lyon stlye onions and steak potatoes

Marinated beef steak with salt and pepper. Grill as desired. Served with a pile of hot and crunchy onions and steak potatoes.

3770 HUF

Roasted loin with green pepper sauce, croquettes and rice

Roasted (as requested) loin with spices. We make creamy sauce from green pepper, then add it to the steak with mustard and tomato purée. Served with potato croquettes and rice.

3840 HUF

Kukori’s favourite

Homemade chicken soup with vermicelli.

490 HUF

Mickey Mouse’s favourite

Half portion of breaded cheese. Fried in hot oil, served with jasmine rice and tartar sauce.

980 HUF

Pirate’s pennies

Breaded fish sticks with potato purée and tartar sauce.

880 HUF

Chicken run

Breaded chicken breast served with french fries.

1280 HUF

Pinocchio’s pizza

Thin pizza dough based on on the basis of authentic Italian recipes with tomato, ham, corn and cheese on it.

840 HUF

Hungarian classic: Chestnut puree with whipped cream, decorated with rum cherry

We add cream and rum to the chestnut to make purée, serve it with whipped cream and rum cherry.

720 HUF

Ice cream sundae

Three scoops of ice cream with fruits and whipped cream.

740 HUF

Chocolate brownie with white vanilla ice cream

Lightweight, fluffy dough including chocolate parts, made in hot oven. Served with vanilla ice cream.

880 HUF

Somló sponge cake

Cocoa sponge sheets, with chopped walnuts and vanilla cream. Served with chocolate dressing and whipped cream.

880 HUF

Floating islands

Creamy vanilla custard with sweet foam cooked from egg-white. Served cold.

720 HUF

Homemade creamy cheesecake with forest fruit

Cheesecake made of soft, lemony cheese cream and cruhsed biscuits. Served with fores fruit.

830 HUF

Caramel cream with roasted crushed walnut

We make homemade steamed puddings with walnut caramel and vanilla. Served it cold.

580 HUF


pizza sauce, mozzarella

1340 HUF


pizza sauce, mushroom, mozzarella

1390 HUF


pizza sauce, paprika salami, mozzarella

1490 HUF


pizza sauce, ham, mozzarella

1490 HUF


pizza sauce, ham, mushroom, cheese

1540 HUF


pizza sauce, ham, mushroom, corn, cheese

1590 HUF


pizza sauce, ham, pineapple, corn, cheese

1590 HUF


pizza sauce, sausage, onion, bacon, green pepper

1640 HUF


pizza sauce, chicken, tomato, corn, bacon, cheese

1690 HUF


pizza sauce, ham, sausage, bacon, pepperoni, cheese

1690 HUF


pizza sauce, knuckle, red onion, egg, cheese

1640 HUF

Quattro Formaggi

pizza sauce, mozzarella, smoked cheese, Roquefort, Trappista cheese

1690 HUF


pizza sauce, sausage, paprika salami, bacon, onion, cheese

1740 HUF


cheese cream, chicken breast, bacon, paprika, cheese

1720 HUF


sour-cream, red onion, bacon, mushroom, cheese

1690 HUF


pizza sauce, gyros chicken breast stripes, mozzarella with tzatziki

1740 HUF


pizza sauce, ham, bacon, corn, olives, pepperoni, mozzarella

1740 HUF

Pizza Vezuvio

pizza sauce, salami, ham, mushroom, red onion, pepperoni, mozzarella

1690 HUF


pizza sauce, grilled vegetables, mozzarella

1690 HUF

Pineapple, corn, red onion, olives, paprika, tomato, egg


100 HUF

Mirror egg, mushroom, red onion, green pepper, pepperoni


100 HUF

Bacon, smoked pork chop, fish in oil, salami, sausage


200 HUF

Chicken breast, ham


200 HUF

Mozzarella, Roquefort cheese


300 HUF

Leavened cucumber.


400 HUF

Cabbage salad


350 HUF



350 HUF

Apple pepper


350 HUF

Hot pepperoni


350 HUF

Cucumber salad


450 HUF

Sour creamy cucumber salad


450 HUF

Mixes pickles

abbage salad, apple pepper, gherkins, pepperoni

400 HUF

Tomato salad


450 HUF

Apple pepper filled with cabbage


350 HUF

Grill potatoes


300 HUF

Steamed rice


300 HUF

Risi e bisi


300 HUF

Potato purée


300 HUF

Steak potato


300 HUF

French fries


300 HUF

Rice and french fries


300 HUF

Grilled vegetables


550 HUF

Steamed corn


550 HUF

Potato croquette


550 HUF

Homemade cabbage salad with mayonnaise and carrot


700 HUF

Penne salad with mayonnaise and fresh tomato

cold salad mixed with tomato and lime

700 HUF

Mixed summer salad

iceberg lettuce, cucumber, tomato, green pepper, carrot, onion

700 HUF

Extra mixed salad

mixed summer salad with aragula and corn

700 HUF

Strapacky with bacon sprinkles and sour cream


850 HUF

Our prices also include garnish, which can be varied according to taste.
Our prices do not include service charge!
We charge a fee for take-away containers (40 HUF / container)
For half potions we calculate 70% of the full price. Our prices include VAT!